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Secret Of Shivkhori Cave Situated On The Shivalik Mountain

Secret Of Shivkhori Cave Situated On The Shivalik Mountain

There are many religious places in Our country where Lord Shiva is seated in various forms. Today we are going to tell you about one such cave of Lord Shiva which is very ancient and famous. Let us tell you that the cave we are talking about is located in the Shivalik mountain ranges, where nature-built "Shivalinga" and other rare statues are present. These natural caves are said to mean a lot to every Shiva devotee.

That cave is Located at a distance from Katra in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, know as Shivkodi cave, which is called Lord Shiva's house, located in Reyasi District. From Katra, you can book a taxi from Katra to Shivkhori. Its just a one day tour from Katra. The most surprising thing related to this cave opens is that its another end open in the Amarnath cave. This is why Shivkhori is considered to be the focal point of the faith of Shiva devotees.

In this miraculous cave, "Mahadev Bholenath", the god of gods, sits with his family. It is said that the weather from April to June is considered to be the best for visiting the Shivkhori cave. Because during this time the weather here is very pleasant and cool. It is said that this is such a rare place, situated in the lap of nature, where the glory of Lord Shiva has remained on its own from time immemorial.

It is believed that all 33 categories of gods and goddesses reside in the Shivkhori cave. Explain that this place(Shivkhori) is about 140 km from Jammu. And 85 km from Katra. From Jammu to Shivkhori or From Katra to Shivkhori you can come by taxi. This place is located in Udhampur district. Shivkhori's cave from Ransu (Ransu) is about 3.5 km. She stays away. From here, the journey of Baba Bholenath starts with walking and mule. Apart from this, running a little ahead of Runsu comes a small iron bridge, which is built on the river. According to popular belief, this river is called Doodh Ganga (White water like milk). According to this legend, the water of this river automatically turns white like milk on the day of Mahashivratri.

Next comes a pool, known as Anjani Kund. Near this pool, there are footprints of 'Nandi' i.e. 'bull' riding Neelkanth. It is believed that Nandi used to come to drink water in this pool.

Devotees proceed in the convoy with shouts like 1,2,3,4 Bhole Teri Jai-Jayakar, Har-Har Mahadev, Bomb-Bomb Bhole, Bhole Tera Roop encamped in Nirala Shivkhori, etc. After walking about one kilometer further, the temple of 'Lakshmi-Ganesh' comes. Inside which is a small cave containing the idol of ancient Lakshmi-Ganesh. Apart from this, the sound of milk Ganga flowing from below adds to the beauty of the temple and the moon.